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Courts Solutions

InfoShare™ Court System CDMS / eFilling

CSI’s InfoShare™ for Courts is a complete court case and document management system (CDMS) with optional electronic filing for county and statewide courts, from the trial level through the Appellate and Supreme Courts. All court functionality is provided, from intake (through paper or electronic filing of cases), to scheduling, fee processing and disposition. Complexities involved with calendaring, disqualification of judges, opinion handling, sealing and expungement and transcript processing are all accommodated. The eFiling solution provides private attorney, public defenders, and pro se filers the ability to submit their case electronically. Key Features of InfoShare™ for Courts includes integration of all case artifacts (documents, records, audio, video pertaining to a case), paper documents can be scanned, bar-coded and associated to a case, fee processing is integrated with QuickBooks and provides General Ledger and reporting, extensive query and ad hoc reporting capabilities, all parties to a case are tracked and a history of attorney assignment is maintained, all required noticing is automated, judge disqualification is controlled through secure support files, and standard statistical and other required reports are configured to meet judiciary requirements. Event scheduling and calendar maintenance, disposition and opinion handling is configured to the court’s business requirements. Interfacing between different level courts is provided and electronic filing for all parties is available. Local hosting and/or high security hosting is providing to keep sensitive court data secure.

InfoShare™ eFiling

The InfoShare™ eFiling solution is easy to use, intuitive, and secure. While our InfoShare™ for Courts CDMS provides an e-filing option, InfoShare™ eFiling can be used via a web service to interconnect with other (e.g. 3rd Party) Courts applications. Our user interface is designed to be accessible from an intranet and/or the Internet, and can be integrated with your document management system.

InfoShare™ Inter-Court Case Transfer Option

The InfoShare™ Inter-court Case Transfer option provides for efficiency and accuracy when a case is transferred between two courts, such as Appellate and Supreme. Inter-court Case Transfer eliminates redundant data entry and the resulting chance for data entry errors by automatically transferring case data to the receiving court, upon the authorized user processing the case transfer. The case appears as a new case at the receiving court, and the status is automatically updated at the sending court. The receiving court has the option of editing and validating the data before accepting it as a new case.

InfoShare™ Attorney Review

A complete InfoShare™ Case and Document Management System, customized specifically for the workflow and requirements of an attorney Disciplinary Review Board that acts on behalf of the Supreme Court (or other agency, according to state requirements) in hearing and adjudicating allegations of attorney misconduct.

InfoShare™ Screening Module

The InfoShare™ Screening Module helps expedite time to trial and reduce case backlog. Using this module, police departments can electronically transmit all indictable arrest documents, including complaints and police reports, to the Prosecutor's Office for timely screening decisions by prosecuting attorneys. These documents can also be transmitted to the court, based upon the requirements of the county or municipality.