January 26, 2017
The InfoShare™ Personnel Module: A Total Solution For Agency HR Administration

CSI Technology Group is proud to announce the release of the InfoShare™ Personnel Module, a robust, total solution for your agency’s HR management needs. A powerful system with submodules for scheduling and policy compliance, the InfoShare™ Personnel Module has been designed to allow your agency to effectively manage and document your scheduling, training, and policy and procedure activities. Employee time, training requests, document tracking (with electronic signatures, if needed) and other HR functions are all handled. All components are user -friendly and can be configured to your needs with our built-in support file management system. No matter the size of your organization, this new total HR solution will meet your requirements and allow you to move to a paperless environment. 

Equipment and inventory can be administratively managed in the InfoShare™ Personnel Module, providing for inventory intake and the recordation of equipment assigned.  A convenient equipment and inventory tool allows you to set alerts for equipment such as police vests and ammunition, which have expiration dates assigned to them, and will prompt the Quarter Master to place a new order. 

The ability to document, manage, and schedule training is very important to most organizations and often laden with details and many levels of approval. The training component within the InfoShare™ Personnel module, configured to your agency’s workflow and requirements, facilitates this entire process. It allows for administrative batch training entry or individual requests and tracks the request through your agency’s approval chain. Once a training request is administratively assigned or approved, the requestor receives a training email and inbox notification. Training is tracked all the way to the final approval and is reflected in the agency’s scheduling calendar.  

InfoScheduler is the optional scheduling submodule that ties into the other modules. It provides the ability to not only keep organized work schedules for any of your agency’s shifts, but also has layers which cover overtime, comp time, vacation and training assignments and posts assignments which need to be tracked on a daily, weekly monthly and yearly basis. InfoScheduler allows users to easily submit leave, overtime, comp-time and training requests, while your department’s approval workflow is configured and maintained electronically. 

InfoP&P is the HR module’s optional document management submodule. InfoP&P allows your department to create, approve and disseminate documents, as well as verify and review compliance, all electronically. All active policies and procedure remain in the user’s active inbox for easy access. If a policy or procedure is updated, the old version is archived for later review when necessary. It supports police department national and state accreditation, providing the means to create and maintain all required policies and procedures, integrates with the police department’s RMS and electronically files all mandatory proof documents. “The integration with the RMS affords the accreditation manager the ability to locate proof reports within the RMS application and electronically attach them to the appropriate proof folder,” explains CSI Account Manager Matt Edwards. “This saves your accreditation managers an incredible amount of time because they don’t need to track down the required proofs. This is a very powerful tool which is changing how the very important accreditation process is being managed.”  

CSI is leading the way in providing complete solutions that streamline the process of electronic document management for every aspect of law enforcement and other government services. Besides the extended features it provides, it can also integrate with the InfoShare™ Internal Affairs module and our optional Time Keeping Kiosk.  Find out more about the cutting edge capabilities of our InfoShare™ Personnel Module, by contacting Mike Trahey at Mtrahey@csitech.com.