June 28, 2017
New InfoShare™ Billing and Management Module for Efficient Contracting and Billing

CSI Technology Group is excited to announce that our new InfoShare™ Billing & Management Module is ready to support law enforcement agencies with the daunting task of managing assignments and contracts for jobs such as roadwork and special events. InfoShare™’s newest module is an add-on to our ever-growing list of offerings that comprise our Total Solution Product Line.

CSI developed the B&M Module to assist our law enforcement partners with the entire contractor process. The module is complete, starting with initially organizing and storing contractor/organization information and goes on to handle assignments of staff, billing, notifications and alerts.

So, if your agency works with companies such as Verizon or PSE&G for traffic assistance during roadwork or the installation of power lines, or handles special events or security details for schools, churches or other organizations, you know the detail involved in tracking, making assignments and billing for this work. The InfoShare™ Contractor B & M Module will support you at every step of this process and provide a history of details at your fingertips whenever you need to reference it. The B & M Module sets up the job, notifies your staff of the availability of new jobs and keeps a history of staff assignments during the year for ease of management. It provides an email and texting notification feature for communication with staff on the assignment.

Once the lines are up or the event is complete, the module continues to work for your agency. The InfoShare™ B&M Module will manage the billing process by keeping an electronic history of the contracted job, storing any contracts associated with the job and create your agency billing forms for invoicing. The application will provide your agency with alerts during the billing process and statistical reporting, when needed.

This is powerful software for keeping sound accounting and notification records to efficiently manage this very important aspect of law enforcement agency management. Interested in seeing how it can help your agency? Call your CSI account manager or reach out to Matt Edwards at Medwards@csitech.com for more details.