May 25, 2017
CSI Developing Three New Products to Handle Large Volume Files

In the past several years, those of you involved with the criminal justice process have probably noticed that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of video artifacts, audio files, and high definition forensic photographs that must be kept for evidence, prosecution and discovery needs. All those PDF, text, and Word files that InfoShare™ currently manages, using seamless integration with each case's data, are only a part of the full set of artifacts for a case's evidence, prosecution, and discovery needs.

“CSI realizes that every prosecutor's office has physical limits and constraints that must be dealt with to store all these forms of evidence that are not contained in the case and document management system,” explains CSI VP and CIO Chris Rein. “This includes physical or virtual storage as well as network bandwidth. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, CJIS Solutions and the AXON are some of the providers our customers work with today. The emergence of cloud utilization is happening quickly, but will not solve all issues.”

CSI is excited to announce that our company is about to launch a new set of features and modules that will address the requirements and the constraints that the increased use of these types of files present. CSI’s design and engineering teams have begun work on InfoVideo, InfoShare Media Server, and InfoDownload. These three new products, along with the enhanced eProsecution and eDiscovery modules, comprise our solution.

Have a look at the high level description of these three new components that will serve your needs:

● InfoShare™ Media Server

○ InfoShare Media server will be a Windows server residing either on a customer's network DMZ or in a cloud provider's domain. It will store video files and can be accessed from internal and external users.
○ Standard Windows server with 10TB disk space, with more storage available upon request
○ Storage is configured as RAID 5
○ Token-based authentication and authorization that is verified with token issuer, eProsecution or eDiscovery Portal
○ Audit trail system to record file upload, download, update, and delete
○ Supports partial upload/download and resuming upload/download  
○ Web user interface (UI) for file management, system management, and video preview (video preview page can be embedded in eProsecution)

● InfoVideo

InfoVideo will be a Windows application that can be installed on a user’s computer. Features include:

○ Converts known video file formats to a standard video format MP4 and uploads into Media server
○ Uploads unknown video file formats into server directly without conversion
○ Bundling capability where a group of video artifacts are placed into a zip package and uploaded to the media server
○ Automatically determines the upload strategy (e.g. immediate or scheduled), based on file size (configurable).
○ Duplication prevention; a file will only be uploaded once.
○ Scheduling file uploads into media server at the off-peak time, which conserves your agency's resources.
○ Automatic priority adjustment based on file access frequency.
○ Manual priority adjustment override.
○ Supports partial uploads and pause/resume.
○ Associates video file urls with cases.
○ Auto application software upgrade

● InfoDownload

InfoDownload is a Windows application that can be downloaded and installed by external users from our eDiscovery Portal. It will have following features:

○ Supports partial download and pause/resume functions
○ Supports overnight downloads
○ Auto application software upgrade.

Note: InfoDownload is optional. Depending on the user's needs and the network resource constraints at play, many video files can be played directly via browser.Stay tuned! Current plans call for having live deployment by the time we publish the next issue of InfoSharer, and we look forward to sharing this experience with you. CSI has become recognized throughout New Jersey as an innovative developer of criminal justice case management software. 

InfoShare™ is now used by all 21 New Jersey county prosecutors’ offices, as well as the New Jersey State Office of the Attorney General. We take this responsibility very seriously!