May 03, 2017
INFOFIRE: An Integrated Solution for the Fire Service

CSI Technology Group, a recognized developer in innovative software technologies in the justice community for over 25 years, is pleased to announce we are also serving the public safety community with completely integrated solutions. Our Total Solution for the Fire Service, a complete custom package, is called InfoFire, and we would like to bring some of its robust features to your attention! 

“One of the first things that CSI saw when we ventured into the FireRMS arena was that the computer systems utilized by the fire service were very compartmentalized. Inspections, for example, were done in one system, incident reporting and NFIRS compliance were done in another and training/run statistics for volunteer and paid firefighters was done in another. It became evident that full integration was needed,” observes CSI Executive Vice President Rich Norcross.

CSI’s Total Fire Solution!

Call Takers Easily Enter Call Information in the CAD 

Call Taker Easily Enter Call Information in the CAD

In the InfoShare™ FireRMS there is a Master Location concept. The Master Location allows for the fire department to add alarm information and, where applicable, track false alarm billing as well as annual alarm registrations. The department can also add their response pre-plans, images of the facility, floor plans and warning flags, including HazMat information. Additionally, from this same Master Location File, the fire inspectors enter all of their inspection information and can also issue their violations from InfoShare™.


All Available Units Are Displayed

During the process of completing run reports, the responding firefighters are added to the application, Obtaining from the CAD time and staff data, and the incident type, InfoShare™ will calculate the amount of time firefighters are engaged in their duties as well as the total incident/event count. You can use the Fire RMS for drills as well as fire calls. This one spot data entry allows for automated records keeping and removes the duplicate entry of data for time keeping purposes.

Easy to Track Dispatched Vehicles

By having fire inspection data in the FireRMS, the dispatchers and the responding firefighters can see any violations via the CAD/MDT along with the pre-plans. This information, as you well know, is invaluable and is needed immediately and automatically.

CSI has historically been a provider of highly-evolved records management systems. As a result, the completion of the run reports and NFIRS reports is quite intuitive and can be easily mastered by the casual user as well as the “power” users in the agency. Additionally, while InfoShare™ is designed to be a paperless system, there are times when paper is needed. The FireRMS allows the users to complete their run reports and NFIRS reports in electronic documents and then print those documents out, with a very professional result. 

In addition to the incident reporting, the InfoShare™ FireRMS gives the agency the ability to maintain an inventory of equipment to include what gear is on what apparatus, which firefighter has which equipment, etc. The system also has expiration dates built in with alerts so that when the end-of-life of certain equipment comes about, the application alerts the proper members of the staff in advance of the expirations. For far too long, this information has been managed, in best case, on a spreadsheet, and, in worse case, by walking around the station opening every compartment and looking at what is there. If this method sounds familiar, InfoShare™ is here to help! 

“A lot of thought and planning has gone into the development of this module for the Fire Service. When the FireRMS is incorporated with the CAD/MDT, the amount of information at your fingertips is astounding,” states Norcross.

The InfoShare™ CAD has been designed to be lightweight in design as well as fully functional. It can be easily deployed in a command vehicle for significant fires and mass casualty events. This is not a ‘stripped down’ version of the InfoShare™ CAD but a fully functioning application. 

We at CSI Technology Group welcome the opportunity to work with the Fire Service. Please contact your local CSI Technology Group representative or Rich Norcross at for more information.