March 08, 2017
The InfoShare™ Municipal Portal: A Better Way for Your Town to do Business!

Whether you are a large, metropolitan city or a small, suburban town, CSI Technology Group’s secure, cloud-based public portal will simplify transactions between your municipal government and your citizens, while allowing you to provide excellent customer service with reduced resources .

CSI’s InfoShare™ Municipal Portal provides secure processing and accurate accounting for all municipal transactions. Taxes and other collections, as well as the processing of permits and licenses, are initiated by citizens through the portal and automatically routed from the portal to the appropriate departmental inbox for swift processing.

Residents or those doing business with the town can create their own account with secure login credentials, fill out required electronic forms and, when necessary, pay online with a credit card, without ever leaving the comfort of their home or office. No fighting traffic, no circling the block multiple times to find parking, no waiting in long lines. Whether it is applying for a dog license or a business permit, whether paying taxes or obtaining a parking permit, a trip to city hall is eliminated with the Infoshare™ Municipal Portal. Citizens can log onto the portal anytime, from anywhere they have an internet connection, and access the portal link right through their municipality’s homepage! 

For government staff, the portal helps them perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently. The InfoShare™ Municipal Portal, configured to support your town’s workflow, will enhance administrative operations with increased accountability and customer service, reduced redundancy, and most importantly, reduced costs. 

Think of how applying for and receiving services might be improved for your staff and your citizens if transactions such as, but not limited to, the following were handled via the portal:

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Dumpster, garage sale, and block party permits
Construction permits and fees, based on your requirements and fee schedule
Requests for large bulk item trash pickup
Fire inspections
Dog and cat licenses
Mercantile licenses
Parking permits, including overnight parking, metered permits, lot permits, and the ability to handle special needs and exemptions
Alarm permits
Vacant house checks.

Transactions processed through the portal will generate the forms required by your municipality. For example, parking permit applications will require all needed information, such as the applicant’s name and address, the vehicle description and registration. When payment is required for the permit, the portal user clicks on the Pay Online tab and can make payment with a credit card. The municipality will be able to maintain detailed and organized records for each transaction, while residents will receive their permit and receipt of payment.  

The portal was designed with input from several NJ municipal officials. Contact CSI today to see how the InfoShare™ Municipal Portal can save costs and bring efficiency to every department in your town’s administration, while engaging citizens and increasing their satisfaction with how you support their needs.