August 29, 2016
InfoShare™ Weights and Measures Enforcement Case Management System:

Preventing Fraud, Protecting Consumers

In 1799, President John Adams signed into law Congress’s first act, a Weights and Measures law, and today, the US Department of Commerce estimates that sales of products or services impacted by weights and measures laws in the United States represent approximately 50 percent of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

That’s a good chunk of our economy and in CSI’s home state, the New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures, which was created in 1911 by Governor Woodrow Wilson, shoulders the huge responsibility of monitoring compliance with the laws and the accuracy of devices used for weighing and measuring. Each county also has its own department for county oversight of this critical responsibility to its citizens.

CSI Technology Group focuses on creating software to protect citizens. We serve clients in every county of New Jersey as well as several state regulatory agencies, and we think it is very important to provide a product to assist agencies in the monitoring and enforcement of weights and measures laws. To this end, we have developed the InfoShare™ Weights and Measures Enforcement Case Management System.

This powerful application provides comprehensive case management of all investigations and complaints dealing with weights and measures regulations, as well as regular monitoring of businesses providing measurable products and services. The system can be configured specifically for your agency, to track complaints and inspections according to your workflow and with customization of tables and codes, as needed. As with all of our applications, we make it easy to maintain code tables to accommodate changes in regulations.

The InfoShare™ Weights and Measures system is packed with robust functionality and easy to use features. Information on local businesses that includes locations and contacts, information on past inspections or complaints is kept at your fingertips with ticklers that let you know when inspections are due. You can also easily access commercial device data, including location, manufacturer and model. It has extensive capabilities to search on data stored in the database and to generate standard reports on inspection results, company information and complaints. You can also create custom reports on specific data you need at any time, and it comes with templates so you can easily produce notices or other documents that are automatically populated with case data.

The system also has an optional mobile component so you can take your operation to the field on your iPad, or other mobile device. Right from the inspection or investigation location, you can enter the commodity name and location, scan the UPC on the shelf, scan and produce barcodes, record the shelf price, take photos and, with the push of a button, upload it all to the case management system. You will have access to a scanner audit form and other customized field reports and the ability to print them on the spot with a mobile printer.

The system also helps the businesses your agency monitors by providing automated notifications to them so they remain in compliance with regulated standards. It produces certifications of successful inspections, providing proof of compliance.

Let’s get back to the magnitude of the impact of accurately measured services and products. According to, a global economics research group that utilizes sources such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the US GDP was worth $17,947 billion dollars last year, representing nearly 30% of the world’s economy. And, as we mentioned above, the US Commerce Department says that services and products impacted by weights and measures law makes up half of this. Therefore, the careful testing, inspecting and monitoring of devices that weigh and measure greatly impacts our financial well-being and the safety and rights of citizens who use and purchase these measurable products. CSI hopes we can help you perform this important responsibility more efficiently and effectively with our InfoShare™ Weights and Measures Enforcement and Case Management System. Please contact David Palmer ( for a demo and more information on how InfoShare™ can help you protect your citizens from consumer fraud.