September 18, 2016
InfoTown MUNICIPAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A Comprehensive, Cloud-Based System Completely Configurable for all Phases of Municipal Management Promotes Dissemination of Services and Information!

    • ● Automate workflow
    • ● Enhance support of staff training and certifications
    • ● Enforce standards and regulations
    • ● Consolidate departmental silos for total integration of information, services and resources
    • ● Provide mobility to your staff and improve productivity in the field
    • ● Coordinate project planning and staff time tracking
    • ● Includes a complete public portal to increase customer service, promote citizen engagement and streamline staff resources:
    • ○ Process fees, licenses and permits
    • ○ Submit payments for taxes and other collections
    • ○ Submit requests for services
    • ● Optional smart phone application for communication and notifications between citizens and authorities

No matter what size your town, call CSI and let us show you how to increase services while streamlining resources with InfoTown!