October 25, 2016
InfoFire: Next Generation Fire Reporting Management

CSI Technology Group continues to tackle new challenges and enter new arenas in the public safety sector.  We are very pleased to announce that we have developed and are offering for sale our latest product line – InfoFire. 

The talented engineers at CSI have worked with several fire departments and fire officers from both the career and volunteer ranks to develop this product.  Our goal was to create a product that integrated seamlessly with our InfoCAD product line and also simplified the way that runs for both fire and emergency medical services were documented.

Additionally, we wanted to create a system that answered the many needs of the fire service, not only documenting calls for service, but also manages the following :

  • Staffing / Scheduling

  • Equipment

  • Individually assigned equipment (including expiration dates)

  • Apparatus assigned equipment (including expiration dates and preventative maintenance)

  • Station house equipment (including expiration dates and preventative maintenance)

  • Training & Drills

  • Who is scheduled / who attended

  • What training they are scheduled for

  • Ability to download someone’s training resume

  • Fire Hydrant Inventory

  • Hydrants that are out of service

  • Master Location Pre-Planning

  • Ability to create and manage preplans for specific locations

  • Upload images and diagrams

  • Since the system is web based, these pre plans can be brought up from any device for ease of use in the field when a crisis strikes

  • Flagging of Locations

  • Known medical problems

  • Known hazardous situations

  • Other information that needs to be in the hands of first responders when needed

InfoFire has been certified as NFIRS compliant by FEMA (https://www.usfa.fema.gov/data/nfirs/vendors/active_vendors.html) and we have all of the NFIRS forms built into the system.  These forms are electronically stored within the incident file where they can be printed, exported to e-mail or simply downloaded to meet any agency needs. 

Please contact Rich Norcross at CSI Technology Group (rnorcross@csitech.com) or your local CSI/InfoShare™ representative for more detail .  We offer attractive acquisition methods such as Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud hosting and many other alternatives to fit your jurisdiction’s budgeting needs.