February 08, 2016

Getting discovery prepared on time for the first appearance, or organizing hundreds of documents from a large investigation and tracking the costs to the defense attorneys is no easy task.

So, why not let the Discovery component of InfoShare™ help with this critical process in the nts according to preference before! The Discovery tool processes all discoverable documents that are scanned, uploaded, or saved as templates in the InfoShare™ Documents record. The operator can organize the documents into packages and then move them to the redaction window for treatment.

Key words, Social Security Numbers and addresses can be redacted on an individual document basis or for the whole set of documents in a package. When working on those large documents that cannot be finished in one sitting, you can save your redactions and bring the window up at a later time. Once the redactions are completed, the documents are set up for Bates Numbering. Now the operator can sort the documents according to preference before applying the automated Bates Numbers.

The system will track the consecutive numbering throughout the course of the case, which could involve multiple discovery packages. After the operator completes a package, it is automatically saved to the InfoShare™ Documents record, so staff can see the original and the redacted documents “side by side”.

The feature also permits the operator to compile packages of electronic images and recordings, which can be downloaded on the discovery CD with document packages.

Now – the real- time saving features kick in! The Request for Discovery record permits the operator to select the package(s) for the set to be delivered and automatically creates the required index in the notice to defense attorney. Where applicable, it will also automatically create a bill to the defense attorney.

The module also tracks those charges to the defense attorney by the particular case, and all cases that he/she represents! Finally, with a push of a button, the operator can download the discovery package to a CD, or print the package. And for those multiple defendant cases – you already created the primary packages.

So it is just a matter of package selection and Request for Discovery entry to provide the same discovery to each defendant/ defense attorney (along with a bill, of course). Two state agencies and eight counties are presently using CSI’s InfoShare™ Discovery feature, and three counties are already lined up for deployment this year. So – join the “lineup” and discover the savings. You’ll be glad you did!