February 25, 2016
CSI and the Camden County Police Chiefs’ Association Present the Benefits of Partnership to the National Sheriffs’ Association

CSI Technology Group and the Camden County Police Chief’s Association were recently given the honor of addressing the membership of the National Sheriff’s Association at their Legislation and Technology Conference in Washington, DC. This annual conference, held this year in the nation’s capital on February 6-9, highlights the latest trends and best practices in technology across the United States of America.

The Regional Police Records Management Sharing Project in Camden County, powered by InfoShare™, was selected to be showcased at the event as a “best practice” project and the Camden County (NJ) Police Chiefs were asked to give a presentation.

Chief William Walsh, of the Bellmawr Police Department, represented the Camden County Chief’s Association and Executive Vice President Richard Norcross spoke on behalf of CSI Technology Group.

In addition to presenting the InfoShare™ Records Management Solution and its Global Search Engine, Push to Prosecutor and Push to Intelligence features, Walsh and Norcross highlighted the many success stories that have occurred as a result of the shared technology.

Chief Walsh shared how much his officers have come to count on the information they now have at their fingertips, much of which would likely be lost were it not for the shared RMS. Several cases, including burglaries and violent crimes, were discussed to show how pivotal a role seemingly minor, unrelated case information can play in crime resolution. Information such as a passenger in a car at the scene of an accident can lead to the apprehension of a violent fugitive, now that data can be shared and related across cases.

In addition to providing information on the InfoShare™ product line and success stories from the Camden County regional deployment, the presentation also covered these important topics:

This is a true ‘shared service’ with real cost savings – The monetary savings are realized through having one hardware infrastructure and one system being shared by many departments, as opposed to every department having their own. In the case of Camden County, there are twenty-three departments representing over 600 officers and their twenty -three municipalities share the savings, instead of repeating the costs across each town.

How to pay for a project such as this – Chief Walsh discussed shared service agreements, financing options such as low interest government loans and shared services grants. He stressed the importance of coming up with a fair and equitable co- sharing plan in advance of any purchases, so that there are no surprises down the road.

Consolidation of solutions – The importance of consolidating solutions for CAD, Records Management, MDT Services, e-Ticket Service, Discovery, Prosecution and other case management services into a single manageable solution was discussed. Consolidation minimizes duplicative efforts and eliminates the need for costly and fragile interfaces between disparate vendors.

National Sheriff’s Conference

Memorandum of Understanding – It is imperative that a clear, concise and well thought out memorandum of understanding is executed among all of the Records Management System participants, spelling out the specifics of sharing data and what each department’s responsibilities are.

The attendees from across the United States were very impressed with what was being accomplished by the Camden County Police Chief’s Association and their InfoShare™ Records Management System. “We at CSI Technology Group join the National Sheriff’s Association in saluting the Chief’s Association.

Once again, we are reminded that the work we do at CSI goes beyond customer/client and that we are truly partners with the agencies that we serve,” remarks Rich Norcross on his partnership with Chief Walsh and their presentation to the National Sheriff’s Association.