March 02, 2016

Are you spending days putting together the AG Quarterly Report of seized property and forfeitures? Can your attorneys easily access the status of a property item and your forfeiture filing? Can you quickly bring up the total cash seizures on hand? Let the Forfeiture Module do it for you! 

With the InfoShare™ Forfeiture module, the AG Quarterly Report is produced in under 30 seconds – and each line has a “proving report” of all items in that total. Attorneys can see a forfeiture posted right in their e-Prosecution case record – with the latest status of all property. And you can run lists of property by type (cash, vehicles, other) with monetary values and totals. It even provides an automated report of all vehicles “in inventory” on December 31, which the auditors usually ask for.

Originally developed for Monmouth County, the module is now utilized by ten counties to track seizures, forfeiture filings, property returns to owners and distributions to law enforcement agencies. Over the years, CSI has incorporated suggestions from Forfeiture Units into the module, making their jobs easier.

The search features really help staff find answers quickly – for property owners, defense attorneys, and other members of the prosecutor’s staff. The data is also organized to help the staff meet filing deadlines and track court events for a particular case or the aggregate of cases, such as all events in a particular day or week for staff planning.

The reports feature includes itemized Distribution Reports, which can be run for each police department as forfeited currency and vehicles are distributed. This module is designed to save the Forfeiture Unit time in compiling reports, answering questions, inventory tracking and managing filings.

Have questions? Feel free to call our Sr. Vice President, Joe Britt, who has been supporting all our Forfeiture Unit clients since 2005, when we first launched the InfoShare™ Forfeiture module in Monmouth County.