May 12, 2016
Portals Provide a New Way to Promote Services While SAVING RESOURCES

CSI recognizes that portals have become one of the hottest new technologies of the Internet era and will likely continue to evolve significantly over the next few years. Portals provide a secure, user-friendly way of delivering information, tools and applications to the public, so CSI is now utilizing portal technology to provide our customers a cost-effective and efficient way to do business.

“CSI developed an outward-facing portal for Victim Witness services in response to our clients’ needs and requests,” explains CSI Account Manager Jill Imperial, who worked with the Atlantic County Victim Witness Advocacy Coordinators in testing this new InfoShare™ portal and populating it with the required letters and forms. “A major concern was to build the portal so that it was user-friendly and easily accessible.

The idea was to create one location for victims to have immediate information at their fingertips. The Victim Witness Portal does this by giving the advocates an easy way to communicate with the victims and witnesses, while tracking all correspondence and services provided.

Through the portal, victims and witnesses can access a variety of services and information from wherever they are, using their computer or their cell phone,” she says.

The InfoShare™ VW Portal is just one more way that CSI is working to help our customers save time, money and other resources, while still providing quality services to their constituency.

By utilizing technology and resources more effectively, the VW Portal will dramatically save resources in processing and distributing notices, providing regular services to victims and witnesses, eliminating duplicate work, gathering statistics and generating reports. Through the new VW Portal, you can:

Receive and manage letters and notifications electronically
Exchange secure messages with a V/W Advocate
Access links to services and information
Obtain and submit forms, including the Victim Impact Statement
Submit images and documents

Once the victim creates a profile in the portal, all hard copy letter communication with the victim will cease, saving the agency resources and expenditures, such as postage, paper, envelopes and printing and storage-related charges, as well as time dedicated by advocates or support staff in the folding and stuffing of envelopes. All communication with the victim/ witness will then be pushed to their email or cellular telephone via texts.

Included with the portal is an integrated Victim Services Tab, which is built into the e-Prosecution, Juvenile, Investigation and DV Family modules and is specifically designed in accordance with the new 2016 federal guidelines. All correspondence, including post-conviction letters, can be generated and uploaded directly to each case file. Designed into the portal and the integrated Victim Services Tab is a statewide statistical gathering solution, which includes the automatic generation of the SubGrantee Data Report.

“The first VW portal went live in Atlantic County under the direction of Victim Witness Coordinator Jacqueline Simonson, on March 7,” reports Imperial, adding, “a great deal of time and energy was put into this project by Jackie and her staff.”

The new VW Portal and the integrated Victim Services Tab is designed to serve the needs of all twenty-one county prosecutors’ offices and the Attorney General’s Office. Contact CSI if you would like more information on how this new portal technology can save resources and improve services for your agency.