May 30, 2016
Managing Your Confidential Sources Is Secure and Complete with the InfoShare™ Confidential Informant Module

Most serving in law enforcement know how integral the use of confidential sources can be to solve a case. But it often comes with the very necessary task of keeping track of all of the details involved with locating, using and managing them. It can sometimes become very time consuming and difficult to keep track of all of these details. Keeping notes locked up in your drawer or a safe may keep the informant’s identity private, but will not help you or others on your force track the informants’ assignments, payments or specialties.

CSI’s Confidential Informant module was designed to help law enforcement control and monitor all confidential sources. It has a user friendly interface to manually input a confidential source or add the source through a master name search.

The user can then complete a very thorough evaluation of the confidential source, including data base checks and payment history. The module contains a Confidential Source Contact Log tab, where any contact with the confidential source is recorded. From this tab, the user can add payment and general contact information. Another feature under this tab is the Intelligence Note, where the officer can record intelligence information. Then, with a click of a button, this information will be pushed to the InfoShare™ Intelligence module, eliminating duplication of work and the problems that can sometimes cause. There is also a documents tab with built-in templates housing agency forms. When generated, these are pre-populated with information from the database. These documents can then be printed out, signed and rescanned into the system. The Confidential Informant module also provides mapping to track the locations of the sources. This can be a useful tool when a crime or incident happens. A user with proper permissions can very quickly map the sources and see if there may be a source available in the area of the crime.

Also, from the home page, the user can track their primary, secondary, active and non-active confidential sources right from their inboxes. The module uses permissions that are set up to control who can see confidential sources. The Confidential Informant module is a one stop shop to approve, control, manage, and track all of your agency’s confidential sources.

Give CSI a call to see how this module will let your officers utilize your sources effectively, spending more time on solving crimes and less on the details involved with tracking confidential informants.