July 19, 2016
CSI Announces New InfoShare™ Consumer Affairs Module

A shady home improvement contractor in Burlington County, a fraudulent car dealer in Bergen County, a bogus investment fund management company in Hudson County……examples of consumer fraud happen all over New Jersey.

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and the twenty-one county offices of consumer affairs protect NJ consumers from the wily practices of fraudulent businesses. These agencies enforce laws and handle and investigate complaints dealing with scams involving product liability, privacy rights, unfair business practices, fraud, misrepresentation, and other consumer/business interactions. When there is a pattern of deception or other wrongdoing, they take action to stop the illegal conduct, and, where appropriate, seek refunds for affected consumers. They also offer alternative dispute resolution services.

CSI Technology Group, with our focus on developing software to protect citizens, has created a new InfoShare™ module that supports all aspects of case management in consumer protection cases. This powerful application provides comprehensive case management of all investigations and complaints related to consumer protection laws. The system can be configured specifically for your agency’s work flow and requirements.

The InfoShare™ Consumer Affairs Case Management System tracks all complaint information, including consumer personal and contact information, description of complaint information and the type of product or service involved.

It manages all phases of the investigation and produces a Notice of Investigative Findings with certification and settlement agreements. It generates a summons and court appears notice, and if necessary, will create a payment plan to schedule and track fines and restitution payments. The system also includes discovery management with redaction capabilities. It also handles OPRA request processing.

Robust search and reporting capabilities are included, as in all InfoShare™ modules, and like the other modules, supports data sharing while keeping information secure through passwords and permissions.

The InfoShare™ Consumer Affairs Case Management System will soon be aiding in the protection of Bergen County consumers, as part of CSI’s Bergen Regional project. Let us show you how it can help you enforce and manage the consumer protection laws in your county!