July 21, 2016
Two of CSI’s Newest Account Managers Come to Us with Real OJT!


With our expanding customer base and rapidly growing product line, CSI is augmenting our staff so that we are always ready to provide all of our clients with top-notch support. Two of our newest staff members have actually walked many miles in our customers’ shoes, and we would like to introduce you to them!

Kim Petty has law enforcement in her blood. Her dad served as a police officer, finishing his career as a Major at the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office (SCPO), and her brother is a corrections officer. Kim came to CSI in August, 2015, after a 27- year career in law enforcement herself. She started in 1988 as a dispatcher for the Phillipsburg Police Department. After serving 2 years there, she went on to join the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office.

Kim began her SCPO career in the Intelligence Unit, where she analyzed data and compiled reports to support narcotics operations. She also trained and supervised employees on various software and went on to become a systems manager for the SCPO. In this capacity, she managed and planned the various stages of implementation for InfoShare™ products and trained staff on the use of the modules. She was responsible for developing and implementing policy and procedures for data control and appraising the effectiveness of office systems and practices the agency used to meet both their short and long-term goals. She found InfoShare ™ was an integral tool to help investigators and case managers work efficiently and effectively, and when it was time to retire from public service, she found an opportunity at CSI to continue to help prosecutors’ offices utilize InfoShare™ to its fullest capacity.

“The experience I obtained from 25 years in working at the Prosecutor’s Office has afforded me the experience and motivation to innovate new ideas and overcome obstacles,” reflects Kim. Her solid working experience with InfoShare™ coupled with her knowledge of the work and goals of prosecutors’ offices staff make her a perfect fit for our account management staff and a strong ally to our customers.

This past May, CSI welcomed Gerry Dezenzo, another seasoned law enforcement professional, to our team of account managers. Gerry served almost 30 years as an investigator at the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (HCPO). As a member of the Narcotics Task Force, he developed a proficiency in the area of lawful intercepts, applying his knowledge as a technical investigator.

Gerry moved through the ranks at HCPO, being promoted from Sergeant to Lieutenant and retiring as Captain of Detectives. Besides detective work, his tenure at HCPO included being assigned as Commander of the Computer and Technical Services Section. “The technical responsibility was exciting, as I was responsible for ushering in the era of digital photography to the Prosecutor’s Office. Complying with the NJ Supreme Court ruling requiring video recordation of certain crimes, document scanning and preservation, we designed and deployed a wireless infrastructure in Hudson County to support law enforcement efforts. We advanced from analog to digital telephone interception and expanded data intercept capabilities to support our investigations.”

With his strong background in both investigative police work and technology, Gerry understands the work of our law enforcement clients and intimately knows their needs and what technical solutions will optimize the work they do every day. Knowing his way around the business, he helps them exploit all the features of InfoShare™ in their daily work.

CSI is happy to have Kim and Gerry as members of our account management team. We strive to staff our account management team with subject matter experts and those who understand the requirements of our clients’ business. This helps us build products that meet their needs, as well as provide superior technical support. Do not hesitate to contact Kim, Gerry or any member of our team with your questions, suggestions or to obtain information on how InfoShare ™ can make your organization run more efficiently!