February 01, 2015
Gloucester Township PD Joins CSI Family

Last fall, CSI proudly welcomed Gloucester Township Police Department (GTPD) to the CSI family. The department went live with the InfoShare Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Police Records Management System (RMS) on October 6.   


Since you may not have had the pleasure to visit Gloucester Township, we’ll lay out a few facts to give you an idea of what a sizeable municipality it is and some of the impressive statistics it boasts. The township occupies 23.24 square miles in Camden County, New Jersey. It is now the third largest municipality in Camden County with a population of over 77,000.

Two New Jersey state highways and portions of the Atlantic City Expressway traverse Gloucester Township, and these heavily traveled corridors attract both residential and commercial development.     


Gloucester Township has the largest elementary (K8) school district in the state, with, currently, 14 elementary schools; eleven are public and three are private. Additionally, there are three high schools located in the township with a combined high school student population of over 4,200. Gloucester Township is also home to Camden County College, the largest community college in the State of New Jersey, with an annual enrollment of over 15,000 students.      


The Gloucester Township Police Department responds to nearly 60,000 calls for service each year. That’s an average of 5,000 calls per month! The Department is commanded by Chief W. Harry Earle, who oversees 120 full time, sworn Law Enforcement Officers, 36 Special Police Officers, 17 Dispatchers and 16 civilian personnel.     


GTPD is widely recognized as an extremely progressive police department amongst its peers. They continuously strive to improve everything that they do and provide superior police services. Chief Earle pioneered both directed patrols and neighborhood patrols in this region. The department excels in community relations and goes above and beyond to provide information to its citizens. GTPD has a nationally recognized SWAT Team and is a leader in deploying technology as well as hosting systems for their neighboring towns.     



Additionally, GTPD is an outspoken advocate for the use and implementation of Child Abduction

Response Teams (CART). Deputy Chief Dave Harkins, in particular, is passionate about the need

for rapid and effective response to a CART activation when a child is believed to have been

abducted. CSI is proud that they have elected to add the Major Incident Management Module

(MIM) to their arsenal of tools that will be utilized to locate a missing child.     



The men and women of CSI Technology Group are proud to support GTPD in its mission to

protect the citizen of Gloucester Township.