February 04, 2015
CSI’s e-Ticketing: Picking Up Speed in Violation Processing

A speeding sports car is no match for the swiftness and accuracy of CSI’s eTicketing module! This revolutionary product grabs a driver’s biographical and license information with the mere swipe of the subject’s DL through its barcode reader, and will not only search your department or your regional RMS, but also the databases of the NCIC, NJ AOC, NLETS, and NJ DMV for outstanding warrants and violations. Then, eTicketing transmits citation data directly to the ATS database, eliminating any additional data entry required by your municipal court staff! Finally, with the push of a button, it prints out the written citation for the officer to hand the violator, (or place on the windshield, for parking violations). 

Using Mobile (MDT) laptops and handheld devices, CSI’s eTicketing is able to electronically capture and populate information faster and more efficiently than ever before. The eTicketing product can serve as an addon module to your CAD or RMS or as a standalone tool, and is designed for both police departments and parking authorities.     



If you have the InfoShare Police Records Management System (RMS) or the InfoShare ComputerAided Dispatch (CAD) System, eTicketing will also seamlessly integrate with those two products. CSI’s ETicketing has been tested, approved and certified by the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to transmit data directly to ATS, so this product is a timesaver for both police and court staff!



Benefits include increased efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and mobility. CSI’s affordable and efficient eTicketing module provides the following benefits to your agency: 

           > Automatically populates the Uniform Traffic Ticket with driver and citation information and sends this data directly to the

               Automated Traffic System (ATS) database, saving time in collecting, entering and processing paper tickets. In locations where

               multiple jurisdictions share a joint court, such as our current customers in Bogota and Little Ferry, the electronic tickets for both

               police departments are routed automatically to the joint court’s database.

           > Suitable for onfoot parking enforcement officers as well as patrol cars

           > If your agency has installed the InfoShare for CAD and RMS products, data from eTicketing is seamlessly integrated and stored in

               the CAD/RMS. All information about the citation is immediately available to the officer in the RMS to complete appropriate reports

           > A PDF copy of the ticket can be captured and stored in the RMS database. Departments can now store and maintain copies of tickets

               without having to print and store additional paper copies.

           > Uses industry standard hardware     



As New Jersey police departments are beginning to experience the ease and efficiency of CSI’s eTicketing module, its popularity is also picking up speed. In Bergen County, Little Ferry, Ridgefield Park, Hillsborough, Bogota and the Palisades Interstate parkway Police are all equipped with CSI’s eTicketing. Many Morris County Police Departments are also users, including Mendham (Borough and Township), Morris Plains, Morristown, Chester (Borough and Township), Roxbury, Dover, Randolph, Denville and Morris Township. In southern New Jersey, Camden County law enforcement is using eTicketing in Camden County with Brooklawn, Bellmawr and Barrington forces equipped.



Why not see how your department can simplify your agency’s citation process, arm your force with information and save time for both officers and court staff? Give us a call today at (732) 3460200 and we will be happy to meet with you and show you a demo at your earliest convenience.