February 23, 2015
Bergen County Police Departments Embrace New InfoShare Law Enforcement Products

What do Little Ferry, Ridgefield Park, Upper Saddle River, Hillsdale, Bogota and the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police have in common? Besides being police departments in New Jersey’s most populous county, they are all Bergen County police departments currently enjoying the benefits and features of the CSI’s newest suite of public safety offerings. Each of these agencies has its own InfoShare CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), RMS (police Report Management System) and mobile application.

They have each also deployed the InfoShare™ Fleet Management and Permits/ Licensing modules and most have also installed our integrated Evidence module and e-Ticketing option.

Many Firsts for Bergen County

Little Ferry is the first police department in the state to purchase CSI’s new Live/Scan interface. With this interface, Little Ferry can streamline their booking process because the prints, palms and photos captured in LiveScan are automatically transmitted, with the booking information, directly to the InfoShare RMS. There, the arresting officer will find it stored with the case, and it can be accessed for reporting and future investigative action. Without the need for any redundant data entry, Little Ferry police officers can easily generate a hard copy information sheet with the defendant’s pedigree information, mug shot(s) and a set of identification prints.

Palisades Interstate Parkway (PIP) Police Department is the first police organization on InfoShare™ that has their own traffic statutes. When PIP officers write moving violation tickets on the Palisades Interstate Parkway, they do not use the New Jersey statewide Title 39 statutes. On this interstate roadway, they have their own statutes and the cases are heard in a separate court. This was a technical challenge to CSI; other vendors were not able to accommodate this requirement for e-Ticketing. But with CSI’s savvy engineers, the persistence of our dedicated Account Managers and the cooperation of the PIP police department, CSI developed the necessary design to meet the processing requirements of the PIP Police Department, as well as the certification requirements of the NJ AOC to upload ticket information to the state Judiciary’s ATS database.

Ridgefield Park is the first Bergen jurisdiction to use the e-Ticketing option on Android tablets for parking/metered offenses. The department is expanding its e-Ticketing use to their metered parking enforcement staff, who enter the tickets on their Android tablets and generate the paper ticket using portable wireless printers.

CSI continues to provide innovative public safety products

Besides forming partnerships with Sagem Morpho and Crossmatch that provided the LiveScan interface, CSI has recently joined with Lexus Nexus to develop another time-saving and accuracy-increasing feature that integrates the CRASH accident drawing tool in the InfoShare™ RMS. Also, the RMS can now transmit a pdf copy of the accident report to Lexux/Nexus, who processes the reports for the police departments.

These Bergen County police departments are using the InfoShare™ Fleet Management module. The module tracks where each vehicle has been, its daily mileage and other vehicle information. Service records can be set up so when a vehicle reaches the established mileage for specific maintenance, the system generates a notification that it is due for the service. Records of when and where the service was performed, the cost, and the mileage can be easily maintained in the module. InfoShare™’s Fleet Management module also tracks vendors and government contracts for vehicles and services.

CSI’s InfoShare™ Evidence module is a powerful evidence management system, a complete solution designed to automate the control of evidence tracking, saving department resources and improving efficiency. With the evidence module, the officer or investigator checks in each piece of evidence and the system tracks the chain of custody, barcodes and labels it, and record lab results. Once checked-in, the item is available for checkout or disposal, according to the agency’s procedures. Evidence logs and chain of custody reports are easily generated in real time. Once an item is checked in, the record becomes unavailable for modification. All movement of property items, from receipt in the Evidence Room right through to post-case destruction, permanent storage, or return to owner, is recorded.

The Permits and Licenses modules

is yet another part of this suite of products that gives these Bergen County police departments quick access to information on any permits or licenses that have been issued by their municipality. From dog licenses to gun permits, this module can be easily configured to keep track of any type of registration. They can track liquor licenses and all the employees of a tavern, taxi cab permits and a company’s licensed cab drivers, yard sale permits, building permits, pawn shop or other business registrations. Any type of permit or license that the town issues and the police department wants to track to keep its citizenry safe and its force efficient (and safe, too) can be configured and stored in the database. So if a call comes in reporting a suspected domestic violence incident in progress, the dispatcher can first check the Permits and Licenses module to see if a gun permit has been issued to anyone in the household. The officers can then arrive on the scene aware and prepared for what may be behind the door.

CSI welcomes these Bergen County police departments to our InfoShare family and is proud to provide them with the latest suite of law enforcement products. Please contact CSI if you think your organization would benefit from the use of our robust tools for law enforcement.