March 03, 2015
CSI Joins the League in Atlantic City!

The New Jersey League of Municipalities is the oldest municipal organization in the nation and is hosting its 100th annual conference in Atlantic City November 1619. CSI Technology Group will be there, and if you are attending, we sure hope you will stop by our booth!

It’s been quite a while since the League held its first conference in January, 1916 and certainly much has changed since then. Back then, women could not yet vote and a cloud was, well, a cloud….. a puffy mist floating in the sky. This year, we hope you cast a vote in your plans to stop by CSI’s booth at the conference ( Booths 2319 and 2418, not far from the restaurant area). Here, you will see how CSI utilizes today’s “cloud” … new technology that makes the software you need for your job easier, more efficient and affordable.

No longer just relief from the hot sun on a scorching summer day, “the cloud” provides year-round relief to your organization from the burden of supporting the applications you use in your job every day. Utilizing today’s cloud can save your organization money, too. With a cloud solution, you can eliminate the purchase of the hardware often needed to support your software hardware that often becomes obsolete before your budget can provide for new. A “cloud-based” solution is a total solution.

CSI will be demonstrating some of our exciting new products, all cloud-compatible (but still capable of being hosted locally, if that’s what your organization prefers). We’ll have some special conference promotions and some other surprises, too. So, please stop by and see CSI!