March 16, 2015
CSI Teams Up With LexisNexis to Enhance Crash Reporting Capabilities

CSI is proud to announce our partnership with LexisNexis to provide our InfoShare™ RMS customers with an efficient, streamlined solution for producing crash reports that is seamlessly integrated with your InfoShare ™ RMS.

LexisNexis is the company that produces eCrash, an electronic crash data management system. Using eCrash, officers at a crash scene have access to specialized diagramming tools right from their patrol cars. eCrash lets them illustrate the sequence of crash events with customized templates and drag and drop functionality. Now, with our new partnership, data from eCrash is moved seamlessly into the master index field within Infoshare™ RMS, enabling real time master index searching and eliminating dual- database searches.


The combination of LexisNexis eCrash and InfoShare™ delivers a host of benefits to law enforcement agencies, including:

               > Increased safety and efficiency, with the ability to complete and submit a crash report from right within your patrol car

               > Ensured security and compliance, as InfoShare™ is compliant with NIBRS, UCR and Global Justice XDM requirements, and LexisNexis eCrash provides state-compliant report capabilities, is aligned with state-issued rules and guidelines and runs on the secure LexisNexis platform

               > Enhanced reporting capabilities, minimizing duplicate keying errors with automatic error checks and data validation

               > Improved accuracy, with crash diagramming tools provided by the eCrash Report Capture module and InfoShare™’s access to a multitude of customizable and static report templates and other reporting options


Are you going to the Police Security Expo in Atlantic City this month? If so, stop by the LexisNexis booth to meet CSI VP Mike Trahey and representatives from LexisNexis. Let them show you how this marriage of superior products from two companies in the forefront of providing advanced technology for law enforcement can help your department!

This shows how InfoShare™ Crime Mapping can take live data from the database to create maps depicting where crimes have occurred and where they may be likely to occur again. Different colors and symbols are used in the maps to indicate jurisdictional boundaries, public buildings, where arrests have been made, etc. The user can customize this according to the incident or project they are working on. This illustration is an actual crime map created with data from the InfoShare™ database that is pinpointing calls involving marijuana over the past five months. Red crowns indicate where more than one case occurred.