October 29, 2015
CSI Makes Liquor License Monitoring as Easy as ABC

The new InfoShare™ ABC module assists municipalities and their police departments in monitoring businesses selling alcoholic beverages and in processing their annual license renewals. This new product is integrated with the police Report Management System (RMS), putting the necessary data at your fingertips whenever needed.

“This module greatly assists in the tracking and monitoring of activity at alcoholic beverage establishments. It also serves to assist in the monitoring and approval of their employees,” states CSI Vice President Pete Ugalde, a retired captain of a police force that once had to monitor more than 34 bars over a 2.2 square mile radius. In the InfoShare™ ABC module, all of the necessary information about each licensed establishment (bars, liquor stores or any place selling alcoholic beverages) is captured.

The module also stores lists of registered employees for each establishment and the records of background checks that the police have done for those employees. Then, if an establishment is found to have a person working behind the bar or at the counter that has not been registered and has not had the proper background check, the police department can record this in the ABC module, where it will be stored for consideration at time of license renewal, as well as reported to the State Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Ugalde explains, “When an establishment’s license comes up for renewal, it is not necessary to conduct various searches to ascertain if the establishment is a problem location for law enforcement. Simply look up the permit in the system and you will see all the activity at the location. Also, by review of the employee listing, you can identify if the appropriate approvals have been put in place.”

Through its integration with the InfoShare™ RMS, the police department has immediate access to incidents and reports that have been filed about the establishment or any of its employees. So, when a police department receives notification from the town that the license for Joe’s Rowdy Bar is up for annual renewal, the officer merely has to enter the establishment’s permit number into the system. The module then grabs any data that has been entered into the RMS about any person registered to be an employee, about any incident that has been investigated or any other report that has been filed on the establishment and provides it to the requesting officer. The police department can then easily determine if Joe’s place has indeed been rowdy and if the license should not be renewed for any reason.

Whether your town has five or five hundred alcoholic beverage establishments within its borders, the InfoShare™ ABC module is a straight up way to keep the whole license monitoring and renewal process neat.