April 02, 2015
The InfoShare™ Policy and Procedures Module

Promotes Communication, Comprehension and Agency Certification

Does your agency need a way to distribute policy announcements and other agency communications to all or a selected group of employees and verify that they have been read? Would you like a way to test staff to be sure they have comprehended training materials? If you are a police department, would your accreditation process be easier if you had an automated and accurate way to provide reports for proof directly from your InfoShare™RMS?

CSI now offers an optional add-on feature to our Personnel module that promotes uniformity and understanding of your organization’s policies and procedures. With the InfoShare™ Policy and Procedures module, you can upload existing and new documents and distribute to all employees or defined mailing lists. The system can track when and if the documents are read and, optionally, you can have employees digitally sign the documents. You can even create tests to ensure the documents have been read and understood. A history of policy promulgation and updates is maintained with version control. You can search for documents using key words.

If you have set due dates for staff to read and sign policy documents, of if you require signatures or completion of tests, the system can also issue email reminders to comply. You can generate certificates and post them to an employee’s personnel file.

Of particular interest to police departments might be the system’s ability to support the initial and re-certification process for national and state accreditations. For this function, the system also integrates with the InfoShare™ RMS. Within the Policy and Procedures application, accreditation standards are listed, as well as the necessary proof schedule. Since police reports are a major percentage of the proof requirements, your agency’s accreditation managers can use the system’s robust search features to search the RMS for an appropriate proof report. For example, you can search all approved police reports by topic or a required date range or by author. Once found, it can be attached to the appropriate electronic proof folder.

Let the new InfoShare™ Policy and Procedures module simplify your policy process and promote communication and understanding throughout your organization. Call your Account Executive to see how this feature can easily be customized for your needs.