April 10, 2015
InfoShare™ RMS Supports Registry of Individuals with Autism and Disabilities

CSI hails the use of our products to support the best practices of an organization. In Gloucester Township, where our CAD and RMS are used for law enforcement and emergency services, the police department is also using the RMS to house a registry of citizens with autism and other disabilities. This registry has been created to assist individuals at risk in the case of an emergency.

Through the use of social media and their Community Notification System (CNS), the Gloucester Township Police Department (GTPD) has informed their citizenry about this new way to help individuals with disabilities. They have provided forms for caretakers to complete that requests identifying information about at-risk individuals, their condition and the best way to handle it, medical information and emergency contacts. The completed forms and a photo of the individual are entered into the InfoShare™ RMS by a member of GTPD’s Community Relations Bureau (CRB) staff.

Because of the customizable security built into the InfoShare™ RMS, the information remains confidential and can only be accessed by authorized police personnel. Once in the database, if an emergency occurs, the information and photos are searchable and will be available to assist an officer or rescue worker when an at-risk person is in need. It will be invaluable in locating and communicating with a disabled individual and could lead to saving lives.

Gloucester Township Police Department has been in the forefront of many community-oriented initiatives, including ranking first in the state and fifteenth nationally for their National Night Out participation. They have used social media and their CNS to stay in touch with their citizens and now they have found a unique way to support their community through their new RMS. CSI is inspired by their astute use of technology to make the citizens they serve as safe as possible.