April 30, 2015
A Higher Calling for the InfoShare™ Major Incident Module: Helping Philadelphia and South Jersey Prepare for the Pope!

From September 22 to 27, 2015, the world will be watching as hundreds of thousands of Catholic families from around the world descend on Philadelphia and the surrounding area for the World Meeting of the Families. The meeting will culminate in the highly anticipated visit of Pope Francis on September 26 and 27. The population in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area is expected to swell exponentially, as will traffic troubles and other public safety concerns. These concerns are in addition to the ever looming threat of terrorism. Since events like the Boston Marathon bombing and the recent attack in Garland, Texas, we know that nothing can be left to chance, especially given the nexus to terrorism that has traditionally existed in the New York/New Jersey/  Philadelphia metropolitan areas.

CSI Technology Group is proud to assist our client agencies as they prepare for the events surrounding the Pope’s visit and the World Meeting of Families. The Major Incident Management (MIM) Module, as part of the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office InfoShare™ system, is currently being deployed as a multi-discipline, multi-agency management tool for the preparation for public safety response in South Jersey. The module is being used to manage everything from traffic pre-planning to emergency medical services, as well as HAZMAT preparation and Intelligence Management. All of the partner agencies are receiving their task assignments via the Major Incident Module and it is also acting as the central repository for all of the planning materials for the operations surrounding the occasion.

Camden County is situated directly across the Delaware River from the city of Philadelphia. A significant number of the participants will be staying in hotels, motels and with host families on the New Jersey side of the river. Camden County shares three major bridges with the city of Philadelphia (Walt Whitman, Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross) and these will play a significant role in the smooth movement of people from one place to another. Additionally, if a terror event occurred in the city of Philadelphia, there would be evacuations into New Jersey because of the tight geographic confines.

Due to its ease of use, flexibility in purpose and the ability to deploy the MIM with minimal training, the MIM has proven to be a fantastic tool for directing a complex plan like the one currently underway for this major event. “The Task Force Commander employed the MIM for the first time while planning this major event. He has told me that the application has proven so beneficial and successful that they have already decided to use it for the Democratic National Convention when that also comes to the Philadelphia region in 2016,” reports CSI Executive Vice President Rich Norcross, who has been responsible for this MIM installation.

If your agency is interested in learning more about the Major Incident Management module and how it can help your agency prepare for all facets of any event, no matter the size, please contact Rich Norcross at (609)7435629.