June 01, 2015
New InfoShare™ System Measures up to Demands for Consumer Protection

Did you know that the first act of Congress was a Weights and Measures law? Recognizing this important cornerstone of American consumer protection, CSI has taken another step in furthering our mission to protect citizens with the development of the InfoShare™ Weights and Measures Enforcement and Case Management System.

This exciting and comprehensive new product supports the work of Consumer Affairs and Weights and Measures Offices, who are tasked with the responsibility to audit and regulate the myriad of measuring devices in use at countless agencies and businesses in their jurisdictions.

These organizations play a key role in preventing consumer fraud. Besides regular device and packaging audits, they also respond to consumer complaints and conduct investigations of suspected device irregularities and other measuring inaccuracies. The InfoShare™ Weights and Measures system is designed to ease their burdensome caseload by providing robust features that are configured to the workflow of each agency, with all of their code tables and company data files stored right in the system. The system helps them to keep track of each organization they are responsible for monitoring and all of their devices. Case histories and investigations are stored and easily searchable. State-regulated forms can be generated with customizable templates and extensive search and reporting capabilities are built right in.

The new InfoShare™ Weights and Measures Enforcement and Case Management System is a browser-based, COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf System), configured specifically for your agency. Some of the robust functionality and easy-to-use features include:

> A retail business and service company data file for locations and contacts

> Commercial device data including location, manufacturer and model

> Inspection data for package checking, method of sale inspections, price verification inspections, packaging and complaint investigations.

Often, an inspector manages a very heavy caseload. This new system will make it easier to track information from all types of inspections and monitor the status of each. This system will increase the efficiency of the Weights and Measures Office with the automation of the entire inspection process and by their ability to regulate and enforce with timely, accurate data.

An optional, versatile mobile application is also available to support operations right from the field. Designed to run on an iPad, it can store barcodes, photos and other images and can scan UPC symbols, record shelf price and calculate cost errors. All data entered from the field is uploaded to the case management database and customized field reports can be immediately generated on a mobile printer.

If you are responsible for Weights and Measures enforcement, contact CSI to see how our new system can support your operations. CSI Account Executive David Palmer will be presenting this new application and its comprehensive and extensive features at the 105th Annual Training Conference of the New Jersey Weights and Measures Association in Atlantic City in September. Please plan to chat with Dave there, but if you want to find out about this exciting product sooner, give him a call at 732. 346.0200.