June 24, 2015
Cape May County

Office of Emergency Management & Cape May County Sheriff’s Office

CSI Technology Group is proud to welcome the Cape May County Office of Emergency Management (CMCOEM) and the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office (CMCSO) to the InfoShare™ family. The CMCOEM has contracted with CSI for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Services for their Communications Center. The CMCSO will also be using the InfoShare™ Records Management System (RMS).

CSI welcomes the opportunity to provide Cape May County with the latest technology for Computer Aided Dispatching services, integration with 911 emergency telephone services, and seamless linking to the records management system to provide for the collection and reporting of police-related incidents. These two agencies, OEM and the Sheriff’s Office, constitute the first phase of what promises to be a multi-phase project as the mission of the Communications Center grows over time.

When these InfoShare™ products are installed in Cape May County, they will come embedded with “geo-coding” features in the CAD and RMS. Geo-coding gives users the ability to look at area maps in specific “layers” that provide unique views for many purposes, from preventing crime to planning an evacuation route in the event of an approaching storm. With geo-coding, you can locate specific jurisdictional boundaries, demographic and zoning characteristics and even details such as pinpointing very specific items, like where fire hydrants are located or the boundaries of school zones.

The Communications Center mapping aspect of this project is fascinating, as Cape May County has a number of significant needs that are unique to their jurisdiction. For example, due to the large number of seasonal campgrounds and marinas in the area, the geo-coding has to include geo-codes for these unique jurisdictional locations. We will also need to include the flood plain mapping in the application, due to the many low lying areas of the County.

The Cape May County Sheriff’s Office is embracing the RMS application and will be using it to manage all facets of their agency, including their K-9 Unit. CMCSO has an extremely robust K-9 unit of trained, four-legged officers that serve the needs of the entire County of Cape May. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the jobs increase exponentially for the CMCSO as a whole, including the K-9 unit, due to the seasonal population increase.

In addition to serving the Sheriff’s Office, this project contains a significant Fire and Emergency Medical Service component. CSI will be working closely with the Center to address, meet, and exceed the needs of the Communications Center. Along with requirement of the Avalon and Stone Harbor Fire Departments and the Fire Task Forces managed by the County, the Communications Center will now integrate these agencies with one computer aided dispatch software system to deliver coordinated responses to emergencies.

Cape May will also be utilizing the InfoShare™ Fire Alert product after their initial go live. This product is a downloadable app for many smart phone vendors that, with some limitations, allows a fire fighter to read the call once dispatched, playback the audio of the call, map the call location and alert the communications center that they are responding. This tool will be invaluable, especially when dealing with volunteer fire agencies.

For further information about any of these emergency management and public safety products or any of our InfoShare™ offerings, please contact your CSI representative or call (732) 346-0200.