July 16, 2015
InfoShare™ e-CDR Interface Ensures Accuracy, Saves Time

Taking another step forward in providing total integration for our clients, CSI is coordinating with the New Jersey Judiciary to develop an interface between the AOC’s e-CDR database and the county prosecutors’ InfoShare™ database. This interface provides a direct data feed from the AOC’s e-CDR system into InfoShare™, integrating the arrest data related among the municipal court, the local police and the prosecutor’s offices. This interface will also help ensure that prosecutors have the crucial information they need to deal with the new Bail Reform procedures.

The e-CDR system is used by all the law enforcement agencies in New Jersey to generate and file arrest warrants and summonses. This new data stream will assure the quality of the identification and charge data being entered on a prosecutor’s case by accurately populating the InfoShare™ database with case intake data directly from the e-CDR system, including:

>  Defendant’s name

>  Defendant date of birth

>  Defendant drivers license number

>  Defendant social security number

>  Defendant SBI number

>  Any other technical defendant identifiers available from the e-CDR

>  All warrant and summons numbers associated with the case

>  All charge codes from those warrants and summonses

Improving the quality of data at the intake stage will benefit case processing throughout the life of the case. When the case is prepared for presentation to the Grand Jury, having accurate charge information will help ensure that the indictment accurately reflects all the charges in the case and that all charges are disposed of properly when the case is re-coded into Promis Gavel after indictment. This will reduce the number of additional warrants that must be manually dismissed, in court or administratively, when the case is disposed of in court. Somerset and Camden counties have purchased this new interface and will soon be benefitting from the e-CDR data feed as it automatically provides accuracy, timeliness and cost-savings to their prosecutors’ InfoShare™ case management system. Give us a call if you would like to hear more about this for your county!