August 27, 2015

Are It’s that time of year again when your friends at CSI Technology Group want to share with you our ideas for how you can tidy up any loose ends in your capital budget before next year’s proposed budget gets submitted. Here are some suggestions of InfoShare™ modules you may want to consider to enhance efficiency for your organization.


CSI’s Internal Affairs module provides a countywide environment for prosecutor’s office staff and internal affairs officers in each police department to work in the same application, but as individual departments, when processing Internal Affairs cases. Incorporating standardized, formal disciplinary forms used by CALEA-certified departments in formal disciplinary actions, as well as the individual department’s investigation reports, the system accommodates all the local departments’ needs. Designed with the latest version of the Attorney General’s Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures in mind, the module incorporates the concepts of prosecutorial notification, prosecutorial review, standardized periodic reporting and early warning alerts to flag certain kinds of officer conduct. At the same time, the module allows local departments to handle their noncriminal internals in a segregated, digital environment with all the advantages of the full InfoShare™ system. Give your prosecutor the assurance he or she needs that the office is involved in managing all the serious internal affairs investigations in the county!



With Bail Reform legislation due to kick in at the end of 2016, much time will be spent in next year’s Prosecutor’s Offices’ operational meetings on determining how to manage the new court procedures accompanying Bail Reform and how to assure the public’s safety within the confines of the new procedures. CSI’s External Module incorporates a screening process that allows the Prosecutor’s Office to see criminal complaint documents as soon as they are uploaded by the local police departments. Potentially, this could mean that the Prosecutor’s Office can start evaluating a case for bail review before the defendant even reaches the county jail.

The reality is that the requirements of the Bail Reform legislation are focused on changing how the courts evaluate bail decisions and they give the Prosecutor’s Office little say in the new decision-making process. Bail reform requires the courts make a risk assessment and a decision about the conditions of release within 48 hours of the defendant being incarcerated in the county jail. The law allows prosecutors to have input into those decisions. The problem for prosecutors is that there is no requirement that the courts wait for that prosecutorial input. [See N.J.S. 2A:162-16.2.] Therefore, in order to have input into bail decisions, prosecutors must stay ahead of the court houses’ decision making time line. CSI’s External Module with screening process does just that. It allows a Prosecutor’s Office to see the complaints at the same time the court system gets them, or before, and allows prosecutors the time to muster their facts and arguments for protecting public safety.