September 01, 2015
INFOTRACKER: An Efficient Tool For Status Monitoring and Problem Resolution

Are you making a list and checking it twice? Maybe many lists? Do you often submit work orders and track their progress on sticky notes or some type of spread sheet? Do you coordinate tasks within your department or maybe among many departments and agencies? Do you then forward related emails, photos or other supporting documentation that is sometimes separated from your original request or assignment?

CSI now offers InfoTracker, a product that will not only keep track of tasks and issues, monitor the status of work orders and other types of communications, but enhance the way you submit communications with the ability to attach images, emails, memos and other documents to explain the issue. InfoTracker creates a “ticket” for each item and you can assign the ticket to someone, track its status and see who has responded or worked on the item. A team could work on the ticket item and each member can respond with comments or additional explanation and documentation. You can even generate an email right from the application to update and notify involved parties.

If you are a CSI client, you are most likely familiar with this tool, as we have used it for years to support InfoShare™ and provide excellent customer service and product support. If clients have system problems, they are entered into InfoTracker, assigned a priority and the Account Manager can make assignments to engineers for resolution. Clients can easily describe their issue by attaching screen shots and emails, which helps all involved to understand the problem and expedite the correct resolution.

InfoTracker has worked so well for CSI that we have expanded its capabilities and now offer it to customers for tracking many types of activities within their own operations. As with other InfoShare™ applications, we provide inboxes and dashboards configured to your workflow that help you track and monitor the progress of each ticket. There are search and reporting capabilities, and all of the features are governed by permissions, which you determine. Transaction logs are maintained so you can see who accessed each ticket and time to resolution is automatically calculated.

While InfoTracker™ was initially developed as a problem resolution and tracking tool and provides excellent support for those types of activities, its application can be expanded to support any activity or communication that you would like to track, monitor, submit supporting documentation on and communicate progress. Do you submit work orders to your public works department? Track them in InfoTracker. How about citizen inquiries or complaints that need monitoring or follow-up? Enter them in InfoTracker, assign the ticket to the appropriate party and monitor that ticket, even if it must be passed across departments. You can attach photos and generate an email response to anyone that must be informed.

InfoTracker will let you efficiently provide excellent customer service to citizens, keep tasks and activities organized and eliminate the need to keep lists and spreadsheets for the various activities your busy department handles. Give us a call and let us show you how it will easily fit into the everyday workload of your office!