September 21, 2015
Good Tip: Time for Some Fall Cleaning… In Your Inbox!

Do you get frustrated waiting for your home page to load up when you first log into InfoShare™? If so, have you looked at your inboxes lately? Are they crammed with cases and documents? If they are, this could have a detrimental effect on your startup time.

Recently, a user reported that it was taking an exorbitant amount of time for his home page to load in InfoShare™. When we investigated, we found that the user did not routinely use all of his inboxes for his work flow management and, as a result, some inboxes had several hundred items in each.

While your home page is loading, it is also loading the inboxes and all of their contents. Since they are configured for your agency’s workflow, there is a lot of computing resources that go into calling that data up. So, an easy way for you to help improve performance is to clean out your inboxes and use them on a consistent basis to accomplish your tasks. If you have inboxes you are not using, talk to your Administrator about possibly eliminating those that do not fit your workflow. A little fall cleaning, done throughout the year, may increase your load time and decrease your frustration!