October 11, 2015
The New InfoShare™ Municipal Services Portal Provides Convenience and Efficiency for People and their Towns

CSI Technology Group has recently partnered with several municipalities to develop a Municipal Services Portal. The goal of this portal project has been to develop an easy to use facility for citizens to access numerous municipal services via the Internet and make it more convenient for them to file paperwork, make applications and ask questions of the municipality.


“We are helping to provide something to the citizen that often is not possible in government service – CONVENIENCE. Superior public relations starts and stops greatly with how easily someone can accomplish something they need to do. Let’s face it, no one wants to go to City Hall to get forms and then go back again to turn them in with the fees. If this can be fully automated so that the citizen can do this on their terms and their time frame, this will result in a better relationship between the citizen and the government,” explains CSI Executive Vice President Rich Norcross.

CSI  This application is designed to be used by all of the different departments in a municipality. CSI has strived to create a system that will meet the working needs of every department from the Fire Department to Public Works, from the Municipal Clerk to the Zoning Official, and so on. Some of these services include:

>  Obtaining, filling out and filing construction permits, to include payment of fees based on the fee schedule.

>  Requesting white goods or other large bulk item trash pickup

>  Fire inspections

>  Dog / cat licenses

>  Mercantile licenses

>  Tax bill payments

>  Permit applications, such as dumpster permits, block party permits, etc.

>  Parking permits –

               Overnight parking


               Metered permits

               Lot permits

>  Limo / taxi permits

>  Alarm permits

>  Vacation house checks

>  Special needs notifications

Once these items are filed online, there will be a backend workflow controller that will allow the municipal staff to process the requests electronically. This will cut down on the cost of paper products, copiers, postage and other costs associated with a manual process. This is a “green” way of doing business, which is something that we all strive for in today’s society.


This application will be offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, hosted on a secure government cloud and will be available to both municipalities and counties. This type of product offering is a cost effective way to cut down on hardware purchases and maintenance. Also by purchasing as a service, this ensures that your system is always up to date and using the latest technology, including the latest Internet security.

Please visit CSI at our booth at the upcoming New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference, November 17 – 19 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where we will be happy to show you the details and how this can increase efficiency and cost savings for your town. If you cannot make it to Atlantic City, please call (732) 3460200 to arrange for a demonstration.