November 05, 2015
Proactive Arrest Notification Function Added to InfoShare™ RMS Saves Resources, Facilitates Data Sharing

When solving crimes, it is often the smallest piece of information that leads to the identification and apprehension of the suspect.

Law enforcement officials can never forget that the Son of Sam was identified, and eventually arrested, because of a parking ticket. CSI prides itself on the capability of our regional RMS systems, powered by InfoShare™, to capture these little details and make them readily available to officers in the field.

However, even though the information is always in the RMS database and always searchable, to continually search for possibilities can be a drain on resources and lead to the possibility of details being missed. Working with CSI, Chief Harry Earle and the Gloucester Township Police Department (GTPD) have been spearheading an Arrest Notification Project in Camden County.

The goal of this project has been to automate the notification to other agencies when GTPD arrests a resident of that Arrest Notification inboxunder the RMS Man agency’s jurisdiction. This effort was initially done by hand and required numerous man hours to accomplish each week, yet GTPD did this because they thought it was important to notify the other departments of these arrests.

As a result of this project, CSI has now automated this process for the GTPD and we have recently imported this functionality into the main Camden County Chiefs Regional RMS System. To facilitate this notification process, new inboxes have been created and assigned, based on agency preference. When a subject is arrested in a jurisdiction and the arrest report indicates that the suspect does not reside in that jurisdiction, their information is queued up in an Arrest Notification inbox under the RMS Management inbox group.

The information provided is basic biographical data, location of arrest, jurisdiction of arrest, arresting officer, charges and case number. The agency will have the ability to designate a user to review the notification prior to distribution. This is done in case the arrest surrounds an ongoing investigation or if the suspect may have become an informant, for example.

The agency user(s) can then select which notification groups get alerted. A boilerplate disclaimer is attached to the notification. “In a regional records management system, the maintenance of the notification groups is a JOINT EFFORT, since all agencies will share the same groups. This helps to ensure that the right people get consistently notified of the arrests. The InfoShare™ Admin Group at each department can modify and add groups, as needed” explains CSI Executive Vice President Rich Norcross, who was heavily involved in the project.

If you would like more information on this new functionality or any other InfoShare™ product, please contact your Account Manager or give us a call at (732) 346-0200.