November 11, 2015
Master Location in CAD/RMS Helps Speed Up Response Time

Most InfoShare™ users realize the many benefits the Master Name index brings to our modules. Now, CSI has designed a Master Location feature to bring that same type of referential and historical functionality to location processing in the application.

CSI Technology Group’s Master Location solution works with our CAD/RMS products, providing one single source of GIS (Geographic Information System) data. It loads local street addresses and base map layers, similar to what is available using an Internet map search. InfoShare™’s Master Location table structure can process data collected from the agency based on a number of sources. For example, at one installation, we have used the county engineer GIS shape files. Elsewhere, data collected from tax records, compared to engineer’s files, with a number of provided overlays have been used. CSI works with the client to ensure that the most accurate local data layer will be available to the CAD, RMS and the vehicles’ laptops.

Master Location creates a geodatabase, which stores data in a central location for easy access and management. This provides an agency with a more efficient structure for improved performance and data management of locations. With the implementation of Master Location, the response times for law enforcement, fire and EMS to incidents can be improved. CSI’s focus is to maintain location integrity, simplify data management, and provide administrators the functionality to verify data when new locations are added to the database. The system also enables the administrators to create alias data, which can be associated to an existing location. This defines the relationship between a commonplace name and the Master Location.



The system will link the Master Location address to the RMS and FRMS modules where business data

and common place data is stored, providing the CAD

dispatcher with incident location and related

information for alarms and contacts.


The Master Location data affords users the ability to search and reference information linked to various types of agency issued permits associated to types of locations such as alert flags, hazmat and collected preplan information, providing critical information to responders .



These location alert flags can assist police in identifying the possibility of known threats related to persons or animals, based on entries from previous incidents. Registrations can assist fire or EMS personnel with knowledge of medical conditions associated to a specific contact at a location. The preplan information will assist the all personnel, providing information related to a structure, whether it is a residential or commercial type. The hazmat information will store the UN Number and description and allow the user to enter notes specific to each entry. Besides providing the FRMS system with the ability to overlay the locations for fire hydrants within the jurisdiction, InfoShare™ can upload hydrant related location information. Responding firefighters will know the closest hydrant to an incident, along with its pressure and flow rates.



With CSI’s Master Location using state, county or municipal streets, addresses and base maps, accurately maintained by your agency, CSI is confident that this enhancement to your InfoShare™ CAD/ RMS products will meet all of your agency’s police, fire and EMS requirements.