February 08, 2014
CSI Staff Receives CJIS Security Training

Today, security is every agency’s number one concern, and rightfully so. Therefore, it should be everyone’s priority. Hardly a day goes by without news stories about breaches and compromised data. Many times, these intrusions are caused not by hackers, but by people placed surreptitiously inside a company. When it comes to the protection of data, in particular sensitive investigations and criminal history data, it is important that we always remain vigilant about internal security and employee integrity.
While the employees at CSI never look at criminal history records or review case files in any of our client systems, we at CSI still believe that it is our duty to ensure that all of our employees are trained in how to handle law enforcement sensitive and classified data.
On November 5th, 2013, CSI’s Vice President Joshua Ottenberg, Esq., gave all of our employees a mandatory class on the CJIS Security Policies, as enacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and adopted by the New Jersey State Police. Sessions were conducted with the Account Managers that work with the end users, the talented members of our Engineering Corps, who are working within the applications, and also our dedicated Administrative staff. All CSI employees were instructed in these policies and signed to certify that they had received the training.
CSI Technology Group takes your security seriously. Because of this, we conduct regular, thorough training for our staff, we recruit through a careful selection process of candidates of irrefutable char- committed to protecting information and there are criminals of equal commitment dedicated to stealing it. We can never forget that.
If you have any questions about the CSI Technology Group Security Policies, please do not hesitate to contact either Executive Vice President Rich Norcross at rnorcross@csitech.com, Senior Vice President Joe Britt at jbritt@sditech.com or our Chief Information Officer/Vice President Chris Rein at crein@csitech.com.