March 21, 2014
Identity Federation, Standards, and Justice Information Sharing.

CSI Technology Group Participates in Highlighted IJIS Project
With the growing visibility and importance of identity management, security, and privacy, it is essential to understand and use technolo-gies which enable best practices for our customers. Standards-based interaction and collaboration, as well as federated identity manage-ment, are among the key technology areas gaining both support and traction with key federal and state programs today.
Beginning in late 2013 and continuing into early 2014, CSI Technology Group is partici-pating with the IJIS (Integrated Justice Infor-mation Systems) Institute, the Georgia Tech Research Insti-tute, and several NJ service providers in a pilot project to demonstrate the implementa-tion of new standards that are part of GFIPM (Global Feder-ated Identity & Privacy Man-agement). One of the key technology building blocks is SAML, which stands for Secu-rity Assertion Markup Lan-guage. SAML is an open standard language and soft-ware architecture that allows differing platforms and differ-ent vendors to exchange as- CSI’s chief information officer, Chris Rein, attended the IJIS National Symposium, called the Winter Technology Briefing, in January, where a number of industry experts, practitioners, customers and vendors share experiences, successes and challenges. These projects involved a range of issues facing law enforcement related to street crime, homeland security, judiciary and legislative matters.
“Only by exposing our company’s engineers, account managers, and executives to these important technology developments can we stay abreast of, and maintain, knowledge leadership in these critical areas.