April 01, 2014
From the Scene to the Courtroom :

Little Ferry & Ridgefield Park Automate Response and Reporting.
Since these two police departments have included the InfoShare™ e-Ticketing component in their configuration, any summonses that have been issued are attached to the applicable incident, and the data related to the summons is also seamlessly transmitted to the RMS for management reporting,” explains CSI Vice President Pete Ugalde, who is a former Captain with the Dover Town-ship (Morris County) Police Department. Yes, once the summons is entered through e-Ticketing, no additional manual data entry is required to store this data in the RMS!
All of the information is there, ready for the officer to complete and submit all required reports for approval. Further, InfoShare™’s e-Ticketing component has been certified by the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts (NJ AOC), so InfoShare™ can search the ATS/ACS database and generate the Uniform Traffic Ticket, automatically transmitting the ticket data back to the ATS database without any further data entry or filing by police or “Later, should the case go to court, all required information, including any and all tickets, complaints, reports, statements, etc. can be complied and either burned to a CD or otherwise electronically transferred or stored,” states Ugalde. “This allows for the effective case management and required reporting.” Since the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office also has InfoShare for their investigations and case management, the data is seamlessly integrated with the prosecutor database, as well.
The RMS further provides the necessary processing for incidents to be reviewed and processed for statistical purposes and for the preparation of the Uniform Crime Report. The Uniform Crime Reporting is done automatically by the InfoShare RMS, giving police departments the capability to compile, validate, correct and prepare the report properly and quickly each month.
While any of these products can stand alone, used together they synergistically provide law enforcement with a comprehensive solution to respond to and report incidents.