June 02, 2014
From the Scene to the Courtroom:

Little Ferry & Ridgefield Park Automate Response and Reporting
Whether responding to a Call for Service (CFS) or initiating a stop, officers of the Little Ferry and Ridgefield Park Police Departments in Bergen County, New Jersey will be utilizing the latest in law enforcement technology to automate dispatch, response, look-up, citation and reporting of their incidents.
These two towns have armed their police forces with InfoShare™ products for Computer Aided Dis-patch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS) and electronic ticket generation (“e-Ticketing”). This fully integrated software package provides law enforcement the complete solution for dispatch, records management and enforcement tracking. When a CFS is received, the incident is created and monitored in the CAD System and all necessary and proper documentation of emergency operations is automatically created and stored in the sys-tem. Once the on-scene component is complete, the Call for Service data is routed to the RMS for the officer to properly document the incident. The RMS will automatically be populated with infor-mation and results on all record checks, including all lookups in ATS/ACS, NCIC, and NJ DMV.