June 02, 2014
From the Scene to the Courtroom:

Little Ferry & Ridgefield Park Automate Response and Reporting

Whether responding to a Call for Service (CFS) or initiating a stop, officers of the Little Ferry and Ridgefield Park Police Departments in Bergen County, New Jersey will be utilizing the latest in law enforcement technology to automate dispatch, response, look-up, citation and reporting of their incidents.

These two towns have armed their police forces with InfoShare™ products for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management System (RMS) and electronic ticket generation (“e-Ticketing”). This fully integrated software package provides law enforcement the complete solution for dispatch, records management and enforcement tracking. When a CFS is received, the incident is created and monitored in the CAD System and all necessary and proper documentation of emergency operations is automatically created and stored in the system. Once the on-scene component is complete, the Call for Service data is routed to the RMS for the officer to properly document the incident. The RMS will automatically be populated with information and results on all record checks, including all look-ups in ATS/ACS, NCIC, and NJ DMV.