July 09, 2014
Identity Federation, Standards, and Justice Information Sharing.

CSI Technology Group Participation in NJ-ISE Demonstration

In our February issue of the InfoSharer, we reported on the preparation, planning, and development of our software to integrate with a project called the New Jersey Information Sharing Environment (NJISE). This project is sponsored by the IJIS Institute, the Rutgers Police Institute and the Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR), along with several participating software vendors.

On April 30, this demonstration was successfully performed with a cross-section of law enforcement and justice personnel from several area s in northern New Jersey and the New Jersey State Police at the New Jersey Regional Operations Intelligence Center (the “ROIC”) in West Trenton. The ability to leverage existing data sources and search technologies on heterogeneous computer systems, as well as Identity Federation and Role Based Credentialing was shown to this group, with an interactive question and answer session that followed. CSI will keep our customers informed and updated on these efforts that demonstrate continued leadership in supporting standards-based technology including defined interfaces and web services.