September 15, 2014
Learning Never Stops at CSI !

The administration of CSI Technology Group prides itself on recruiting well rounded, enthusiastic and talented people for our Account Management positions. While these new staffers are selected for their experience and talents, CSI is embarking on a new employee certification program to ensure that each person working with our client agencies is intimately familiar with all facets of the InfoShare™ applications.
Earlier this year, the new certification process was developed, incorporating “Performance Objectives” that CSI staff members must meet. The goals of this program are very simple; it is to provide training for our colleagues so that we, as a company, can continue to provide SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE as we grow.
Currently, our staff certification process includes the following levels
  • CAD/RMS Client Support Certification (Level 1 CAD)
  • InfoCAD/RMS Application AM Certification (Level 2 CAD)
  • InfoShare Prosecutor’s Office Client Support Certification (Level 1 PROS)
  • InfoShare Prosecutor’s Office AM Certification (Level 2 PROS)
  • Judiciary Systems Client Support Certification (Level 1 JUD)
  • Judiciary Systems Account Manager Certification (Level 2 JUD)
  • Regulatory/Government Client Support Certification (Level 1 REG)
  • Regulatory/Government application AM Certification (Level 2 REG)
After a training period, the staff member is given a testing date and on that day, an oral review board of CSI staff is convened. The board is comprised of peers, Senior Management and Engineers, who will perform the evaluation.
By executing this training and certification program for our staff, we can improve efficiency in all facets of our service program. Recently, two of our newest employees successfully passed their certification for CAD/RMS Client Support Certification (Level 1 CAD). Please join me in congratulating –
  • Project Specialist E. Cruz (Det.Sergeant, Bergen County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office, Ret.)
  • Project Specialist John Comparetto (Former Consultant/Analyst, New Jersey State Police)
If you have any questions about the employee service certification program or any of CSI’s policies, please do not hesitate to contact Executive Vice President Rich Norcross for more details.