October 15, 2014
Coming Home Again!

When I was young, I had one simple goal and that was to be a Municipal Police Detective. I wanted to be a small town cop who made a difference in the lives of people who were my neighbors and friends. I never really desired to be a Chief or even really a Sergeant. I guess you can say I had a romantic notion about what ‘being a cop’ meant back then.
On April 20th, 1995, I was a Detective with the Haddon Heights (Camden County N.J.) Police Department. While executing a search warrant, the defendant ambushed our team serving the warrant. The lead Detective, Jack McLaughlin of the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, was murdered. I was the number two man in the stack, I was shot seven (7) times (wounded 5). My younger brother, John Norcross, a Patrolman with the Haddon Heights Police Department responded to the shots fired / officers down call and was fatally shot by the defendant who had taken up a sniper’s position. Every friend I had in the world was involved in that fateful day. In an instant, my life was shattered and my dream of being a small town Detective was over.
went on in my life. I pulled myself up for the sake of myself, my family and my friends. I had a great career with the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office being the Commander of the distinguished Intelligence Services Team and I am now working with an incredible and talented group of people at CSI Technology Group. However, there has always been that unfinished business, that journey I never got to end with Haddon Heights PD. To this day, I miss being part of the Haddon Heights Police Department. I miss my friends and I miss ‘my town’ On March 24th, 2014, I was at Haddon Heights when they went live with the InfoShare™ RMS System as part of the Camden County Police Chief’s Association RMS Sharing Project. To everyone else, this was just a routine ‘cut live’ process. But to me, it was my way of getting back to my roots and providing something valuable to a department and community that I care deeply about.
I got to work with old friends like DSG Bruce Koch, a member of the initial raid team back in 1995. Chief Rich Kinkler, one of the men who helped organize my brother’s funeral and who helped look after my family in the aftermath of that tragedy is in charge now and leads a great group of officers carrying on the fine traditions of Haddon Heights PD.
To everyone around me on March 24th, I was delivering a product; but to me, I had come home and all I can really say is, “Man, I was glad to be there.”
Submitted by Rich Norcross,CSI Executive Vice President Commander (Ret.), Intelligence Services Team Camden County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office