December 26, 2014

In these times when shared services are being utilized to save resources and increase public safety, CSI’s law enforcement product line facilitates collaboration among police departments forming regional alliances. In Camden and Morris counties, municipal police departments have joined together in using a regional InfoShare™ RMS. 

Each participating police department has their own reporting system with their own logos, reports and protocols embedded in the application, but the costs and the data is shared among the participating agencies.

These counties also have InfoShare™ eProsecutor systems, so police information is also seamlessly integrated with the prosecution case. As municipalities join and implement the eTicketing component, the traffic incident processing is also streamlined from the moment the ticket is generated until the case is disposed. The full certification of eTicketing by the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts allows this module to directly interface with the NJ municipal court database (ATS) and so, therefore, saves resources and facilitates ticket processing at the municipal court, as well. Ticket books are not lost, data entry and its related potential for errors are eliminated, and cases are easily scheduled for and disposed of in court, since InfoShare can look up and send data directly to the ATS database.

The eTicketing component is available for the MDT as well as in a portable device, most suited for officers and parking authorities that walk the streets to enforce parking regulations. But any traffic violation can be issued from the device, as it stores each municipality’s violation table as well as the statewide statutes to automatically generate tickets with minimal entry. Random and selected lookups of plate numbers are also provided with the easytouse software.

With the interface to ATS, the ticket data is automatically transferred to the municipalcourt’s database, as well as to the police RMS. Therefore the data is ready for the courtto process, as well as for the officer to submit the appropriate reports. CSI can provideyou the whole package from eTicketing through CAD and RMS or can interface withyour existing CAD software. Give us a call to demonstrate to you how CSI TechnologyGroup can help you save money for your town, while increasing your ability to protectcitizens and perform your duties.